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501 Soap Company uses organic ingredients from Belize with no questionable additives. It cleanses and moisturizes with a creamy lather which makes it perfectly formulated for your face, body, and hands.

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  • Belizean Coffee Soap (Belizean Coffee) for Bz $9.00
  • Belizean Garden Soap (Butterfly pea & Belizean Honey) for Bz $9.00
  • Belizean Mocha (Belizean Coffee with Chocolate) for Bz $9.00
  • Orange Crush (Belizean Orange with Cinnamon & Honey) for Bz $9.00
  • Herbal Tea (Belizean Lime with Lemon Grass) for Bz $9.00
  • Red Velvet for Bz $9.00
  • Honey Turmeric for Bz $9.00
  • Eucalyptus for Bz $9.00
  • English Lavender for Bz $9.00
  • Within Belize City delivery with an external carrier for Bz $5.00
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