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  • ●  Evaluated patient histories, complaints and current symptoms.
  • ●  Thoroughly examined patients and elicited medical history data to usein assessing health and identifying conditions.
  • ●  Diagnosed and treated patients suffering from chronic conditions.
  • ●  Identified alternative pain control methods to avoid use of opioids andother overly-abused narcotics.
  • ●  Identified serious conditions and emergency situations andimmediately referred to hospital for prompt care.
  • ●  Implemented therapeutic regiments involving medications and otherinterventions to mitigate symptoms and prevent reoccurrence.
  • ●  Interviewed patients concerning physical complaints, discussedsymptoms, asked questions and suggested treatment options.
  • ●  Diagnosed issues and implemented treatment plans to resolveproblems or help manage symptoms.
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Joshua Roman Olivera
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Accomplished Physician with extensive experience caring for patients in various capacities. Diagnosed and treated patients and prescribed medications to mitigate medical conditions and illnesses. Offers compassionate bedside manner and dedication to quality patient care.
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